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Smart Printer FAQ Page
SMART-31 Rewritable card printer?
Smart Printer FAQ Page
SMART-31 Rrewritable card printer?
The SMART-31R can write and erase thermochromic cards up to 500 times, so it's a perfect solution to reduce card waste and your budget.
Today, we'll demonstrate how to set up the SMART-31R from unboxing to print execution.
Troubleshooting Tips for Smart Printers
Should you have ever got a Red LED blinking on any of the Smart Printers here are 2 methods to find the error message codes:
  1. If the printer driver is installed on your PC, right-click on the ‘Smart printer’ icon on the system tray on the taskbar and select the Watchman ‘Display’ then click ‘Always’ This allows a ‘Message Pop-up Box” to appear on the screen displaying any error codes.
  2. On your PC go to the ‘IDP SMART Card Printer’ in ‘Printers and Devices’ and right-click ‘Printer Properties’ then select the ‘Service’ tab. This displays the Real-time Status of your printer and any error codes. We suggest that you email us a screenshot of any error messages using either method above so we are able to troubleshoot the problem for you.