Artwork Specifications

Artwork Specifications

All cards are standard credit card size, with round edges with or without slot holes.
PVC Cards can be used for many purposes, such as:
Photo ID Cards | Membership Cards | Gift Cards
Card Size: 54.02mm x 85.77mm
Artwork Size: 92.00mm x 60mm
Content: 71mm x 48mm

Artwork Size:
PVC Cards-01-704

Large Format Cards:
Large format cards are available in the following sizes.
75mm x 110mm | 95mm x 140mm

Large format cards are set to these sizes, if you require a different size of card, please enquire with our team.

Name Badges
Acrylic Name Badges Can be custom shape & size.
Premium Name Badges
Variable Size
Common size range
20-30mm x 70-80mm
PVC Name Badges
Fixed Size
73mm x 27mm
Name Badges-315-540

KEY Tags
Supplied 3-Up
Individual size: 54.02mm x 28.59mm
1mm Thick
Allow at least 3mm bleed on your artwork.

Key Tag-588

Screen Printed Lanyard (PMS)
20mm Lanyards Print
16mm is the maximum printable area
Dye Sub Printed Lanyards (CMYK)
DYE Sublimation can print edge to edge, however please note, very small text or artwork detail may not be legible.
Text needs to have 2mm space from top and bottom edges.
15mm Lanyards
11mm is the maximum printable area
Lanyards Length
Standard length for single hook  - 900mm
Standard length for double hooks - 800mm

You can customise the length of your lanyards to suit your project.

TYVEK Wristbands
Width: 25mm
Length: 254mm
Printable Area: 216mm
Adhesive Area: 35mm
NOTE: We recommend keeping critical data within 140mm (Sample below)

Printed Fabric Wristbands
Screen Print Print area approx: 170mm L x 11mm H
DYE Sub Print area Full edge to edge 380mm L x 15mm H
Woven Fabric Print area approx: 360mm L x 11mm H
You can customise the length of your wristbands, to suit your project. But please note the critical Area.

We offer 3 types of Printed Fabric Wristbands
Satin Wristbands-973

Vinyl Wristbands
Width: 32mm | Length: 250mm | Printable Area: 95mm x 11mm
Vinyl WB-01-792
Silicone Wristbands (Adult & Child)
Adult: Width: 12mm | Size: 202mm | Print Height: 8mm
Child: Width: 12mm | Size: 180mm | Print Height: 8mm
Silicone WB-861

Accepted Artwork Format

All artwork should be editable minimum resolution 300dpi, vector graphics are preferred, and all fonts should be converted to outlines. Any JPG/Images should be embedded into artwork.

Artwork Policy

We have an in-house graphic designer to help guide you with your artwork & layout.

While our quotes are obligation-free, our designer's time is not. You will be charged for any design, proofs, and artwork created. If your job is canceled, we reserve the right to charge you for all the design work carried out.