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Environmentally friendly pouch V110x150

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Environmentally friendly pouch V110x150 2 pocket (NonPVC)

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Event Pouches


Card Holder: Events
Colour: Clear
Material: PEVA
Insert: Double sided
Orientation: Landscape
Feature: Two pockets
SIze: Large


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Environmentally friendly pouch V110x150 2 pocket (NonPVC)

  • Quality Product for Events
  • Crystal Clear on Both Sides - Great for Special Events
  • Flexible - Not Flimsy & Not Hard - These are Just Right
Cardholders keep cards secure, clean and prominently displayed
To add further flexibility we have incorporated a pocket on both the front and back, allowing use as a two-pocket pouch as well as a standard pouch.
Best used with a 2-hook lanyard to minimise twisting. Insert A6 size. External pouch measurement: W113mm x H174mm.
Why we are offering an alternative plastic pouch
By now we all understand the perils of using plastic in our lives. Plastics are toxic materials that pollute the earth, going into the food chain of animals, birds and fish. However, in the short term, it is impossible to eliminate plastics entirely.

The challenge then lies in finding a balance. For the last few years research has focused on creating plastics that can be recycled and are therefore less likely to become waste that adds to pollution. While this may not be a complete solution, the focus on creating a more durable and recyclable plastic gives us better options, both for now, and into the future. This research has led to the development of composites such as PEVA. 
PEVA Products
PEVA is used to make many diverse products, including hot melt adhesives, foam stickers, shoes, floors and sporting goods. It is also commonly found in household items like children’s toys, shower curtains, slippers, sandals and placemats. PEVA is ideal for packaging, textiles and bookbinding. Over the years it has emerged as an alternative to many other components, such as rubber, cork and even wood. In short, PEVA offers amazing flexibility when it comes to making a wide range of consumer products.
It is fast replacing the other popular composite used in household items — PVC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       PEVA is seen as a better alternative because it does not contain chlorine, a highly toxic component. One of the by-products of chlorine is dioxin, which is a known carcinogen. Dioxin presents us with an extremely difficult problem because it is so hard to break down. PEVA is seen as a viable solution. Manufacturers are today are increasingly replacing PVC, with PEVA, despite the higher costs.
Why Buy ID Solutions PEVA Pouches
Biodegradable: The first and foremost reason for choosing PEVA is because it is eco-friendly. The common problem with plastics, including even high-grade PVC, is that these are difficult to break down. This poses problems in disposal because the plastic can travel a long distance, becoming part of the food chain. Given the toxicity of the plastic, this has severe environmental and health consequences. PEVA on the other hand is biodegradable. This reduces its impact on the environment.

Recyclable: The other challenge posed by plastic is its inability to be recycled. PEVA offer the perfect alternative as it is highly recyclable. Once their usefulness is over, the material can be easily recycled into newer parts. This is a huge advantage when it comes to reducing plastics waste.

Safe: The pouches are BPA, chloride-free and non-toxic.


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