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Biodegradable PVC Blank Cards White

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Biodegradable PVC Blank Cards White

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Blank PVC ID Cards, Blank PVC ID Cards


Cards: Blank
Colour: White
Material: PVC
Feature: Waterproof
Type: CR80 ISO Standard
Thickness: 30mil / 0.76mm


Biodegradable PVC Blank Cards White

We stock a range of industry-standard blank PVC cards

These 100% biodegradable PVC ID cards are just as durable and reliable a traditional PVC ID card but without the harmful environmental effects caused by using regular PVC ID cards, which are not biodegradable. BIO-PVC ID cards completely biodegrade within one to five years when they are disposed of properly*

Of the many non-biodegradable items humans are leaving on Earth for future inhabitants of the planet to discover, one of the most ubiquitous is the Plastic Card. Whether you are talking about your supermarket loyalty card, your local gym membership card, or the Credit Card in your wallet plastic cards are everywhere......and they will continue to be everywhere for a very long time. ...

Even after we have all long passed away our credit cards will remain, indefinitely, living out the rest of their indestructible lives in a Landfill somewhere....in fact there are so many credit cards that it was determined in 2006 by a United States Census Bureau that there were nearly 1.5 billion credit cards in use just in the USA alone. If this number of credit cards were thrown away every three years, the stack of credit cards would reach almost 43 Everest's high after a decade!

*BIO-PVC identification cards will biodegrade when in environments where microorganisms are present, such as in compost, waterways, the ocean, dirt, and landfills. BIO-PVC identification cards can biodegrade in both aerobic and anaerobic environments as long as they are free to interact with the microorganisms present, so remember to never put a BIO-PVC ID card in a plastic non-biodegradable bag when throwing them out! These special eco-friendly identification cards will only biodegrade under the conditions specified above, so make sure to dispose of your BIO-PVC ID cards correctly, in order to truly make them an eco-friendly product!

BIO-PVC ID cards hold up within normal, everyday conditions and will not prematurely biodegrade if they are exposed to moisture or UV light, they only biodegrade when in direct contact with microorganisms from, for example, the soil, a landfill, or compost.


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