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Smart Printer Troubleshooting Tips


Datacard Printers – SD or CD Series Setup and Installation Tutorial

Datacard Desktop ID Solutions

CD800 Laminator Card Printer with the NEW impress feature

Datacard Printer Support Links
CD800 (CLM)

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How to Use Credential Designer in TruCredential Software

Welcome to TruCredential software, the next generation of ID software from Entrust Datacard that allows you to design, issue, and manage credentials.
This series of videos is designed to get you up and running with your new software.
In this series of videos, we show you how to use credential design tools and layers in TruCredential software to design credentials that meet the unique needs of your organization.

For more tutorial videos: – click here – Selecting the Videos tab

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Cardpresso Videos

1) Create a Business Card

2) Link Image to DB Field

3) Connect to an Excel DB

For more tutorial videos: – click here –

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Cardpresso XS and XM editions

1) XS Edition

2) XM Edition

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Troubleshooting Tips for Smart Printers


Should you have ever get a Red LED blinking on any of the Smart Printers here are 2 methods to find the error message codes:

1.If the printer driver is installed on your PC, right click on the ‘Smart printer’ icon on the system tray on the taskbar and select the Watchman ‘Display’ then click ‘Always’
This allows a ‘Message Pop-up Box” to appear on the screen displaying any error codes.

2.On your PC go to the ‘IDP SMART Card Printer’ in ‘Printers and Devices’ and right click ‘Printer Properties’ then select the ‘Service’ tab. This displays the Real-time Status of your printer and any error codes.

We suggest that you email us a Screenshot of any error messages using either method above so we are able to trouble shoot the problem for you.


Fitting a Ribbon to the Smart Printer

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