Locate a Problem Within the Card Production System

Locate a Problem Within the Card Production System
Summary    If any one of the following components does not work properly, printing cards can be affected
  • The XPS Card Printer Driver
If you need to reinstall the Card Printer Driver, you can download the latest version from the Entrust website.
  • Card production software
Card production software formats the types of data used to print cards. Make sure that the card production software features you use work with your printer. If you do not use card production software, make sure that the software you use supports the requirements for creating cards. If you use magnetic stripe data, use an application that saves text as text and not as a graphic. (For example, Microsoft Paint only saves graphic data, while Adobe Photoshop saves both graphic and text data.) Fonts and escapes require that text is sent from the application as text.
  • Printer plug-in
Card production software might require a printer plug-in, which makes the data in the card production software available in the form the Card Printer Driver can use.
  • Other components of the system
An ID or badge system usually includes a camera to take photos and may include other capture devices for biometric data. The proper use and maintenance of these components are important to the quality of the cards you produce.